Pros and Cons of Accepting Guest Posts

I’ve been accepting guest posts for a few months now. And while I find a lot of benefits from it, there are also a few things I’ve learned I don’t like so much about it. And they’re not going to stop me from accepting guest posts but they do make me take it a lot more seriously than I did when I originally agreed to accept that first post.

Pros of Accepting Guest Posts:

  • Gives you a break. I work two jobs outside of running the blog so some weeks I literally don’t have any time to write a new post. So guest posts help so much to fill that void.
  • Builds relationships. You get to talk to so many bloggers that have different opinions or takes on things that your readers may love. Plus you know there is something who wants to help contribute, which I think is amazing. Also if you have a good relationship with those that want to be guest writers for your blog they will often talk to others they know about your blog.
  • Inspiration. I get a lot of inspiration from having guest writers. They help me see things differently and open my mind to new styles, which in turns inspires me to do new things and make the blog the best I can possible make it.

Cons of Accepting Guest Posts:

  • Not Your Voice. When it’s your personal blog, allowing someone else to post on your blog sometimes gets worrisome, because it’s not your voice. So you wonder if your readers are going to love it or if they’re just going to find it just so out of the norm that they become turned off from your blog.
  • Search Engine Wrath. A lot of search engines like Google, do not like guest posts and will let it destroy your reputation. Because you often are linking to their website or there are a lot of anchored text. So you have to be careful on which posts you accept. If a post is very spammy or link intensive, you can ask for them to revise so there aren’t as many or deny it all together. (If you want more on this, Search Engine Watch and Search Engine People have excellent articles about Google’s stance on guest posts.)
  • Lack of Response. Now this one doesn’t happen as often. But I find this one to be the most frustrating out of all the things. Someone asks to write a post and you have an agreed subject and/or date that the post will be done by. You give them the time they ask to write the post, then you never hear from them again. Which just causes a headache of now revising the calendar to make up for the hole now left by the lack of response.

What do you think of guest posts? Do you use them on your blog, if not why not? If you would like to write a guest post for this blog just feel free to send me your proposal to


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