August 2016 Goals

Before I get to this month’s goals, I need to revisit last month’s few.  And update them based on what was and was not completed. As this helps knowing where I left off so I can create the best goals for myself going forward. 

Summer Bucket List 2016

It is summer so there are quite a few things that I want to do for this season. And yes we’re about a month into the season, but it’s not too late to state all the things on my summer bucket list for this year. Some of these I have achieved, but I can always do them multiple times.


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Happy New Years!

Happy new year everyone! I hope your year, 2016, goes perfectly! As a way of kicking off the new years I’m going to be looking back at old things so expect a lot of posts about things I’m reminiscing about. I like to do this every year as almost a reflection of where I’ve been. So I pull out my memory box and go through everything I noted at one point in my life that…