5 Tips on Handling a Difficult Situation and Anxiety

Right now I’m going through a really frustrating and difficult situation that I cannot talk to anyone about for legal reasons. Someday I’ll maybe be able to say something about it and when it does I’ll probably do a story time or something like that. And it’s giving me a lot of anxiety, so I thought it would be a good idea since I can’t talk about that to share some tips on dealing with a difficult situation and anxiety in general. Whatever the case may be.

Running Out of Ideas: Tips for Writer’s Block

The post is inspired by Abbie Burgess from The Pink Paperdoll and her session that was part of Minnesota Blogger Conference. As after daily blogging for almost the past year this is definitely something that has been coming up more often. Those questions of: What do I write about next? What’s something different that I haven’t done before? Is this something I honestly want to publish on the blog? And sometimes you don’t have answers to those questions. You’re just left staring at a wall trying to figure out how to move past it. So inspired by Abbie Burgess, I wanted to share a few tips that I have to help get over, around, or under that wall so you can keep going. And some of these are ones that she mentioned in the session as they are things I’ve found help me whenever I deal with writer’s block.


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Blog Posts That Generate Traffic

As I have been blogging regularly for a little another a year now, I wanted to start sharing some of the things that I’ve learned over that time period. So what better than to start with: types of blog posts that typically generate traffic. Now what may have worked for my blog may not work for yours but it’s definitely a place to start.

Life Lessons

Hello everyone, Since I’m 22, I thought I would reflect upon things I’ve learned in the course of my life. But first a quote that I just loved, but I modified it slightly to reflect my own age. “I’m on level 22, that’s what I like to say because I beat the underwater level and the pyramid level. Like went through all the tunnels. I’m just getting better and better at life… if you don’t…