Finally Got Myself New Furniture

Now before I begin this post, I want to state, I have not received any of these items in person yet. Some of them are not coming until the beginning to mid-August. So, the pictures are from Amazon and HOM Furniture where I got the pieces. But I’m really excited about this fact and since I’m blogging every day this month, I thought this was a great time to talk about it. Especially since this week’s theme seems to be “exploring new things.” And purchasing my own furniture would count as that. I don’t know if this theme will continue for the rest of the week, but might as well continue with it.

I Let an Amazon Personal Shopper from Prime Wardrobe Style Me

I’ve tried personal shoppers before (mainly StitchFix) and generally didn’t find the experience for me. The pieces were way out of my usual price range and I only ended up keeping one or two pieces. Either because those were the only ones I could afford, or were the only ones that I actually liked. So, after seeing both Safiya Nygaard and LaurDIY both try Amazon Personal Shopper, I thought I would give it a go myself.


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Three Inspirational Books to Read this Summer on Kindle

If I’m reading a book, I hate when I go from one place to another and forget to bring the book with me. So using Kindle is my go-to way of reading books as I can pull it up on my surface, computer, or phone. This summer I’ve decided I am going to read a few inspirational books as well as all the other book series that I seriously need to finish reading. Self confidence is not always my strong point and these books look like they are really inspirational and motivating.

Whitening Teeth with Charcoal

I’ve never been one who cared a whole lot about my teeth from the time I was told I had to brush every night. I hated it, I disliked being forced to brush my teeth. And though I did it, I never did it to the full extent I probably should have. This has led to cavities this past year as well as discoloration on my teeth. Mainly due to the high pop, coffee, and tea consummation I have. I’ve been trying to cut back on that as my opinion has changed over my teeth. Before I wasn’t bothered by the stains and slight yellow tint. But since March after getting a lot of my teeth filled in with resins since the cavities were more intense than a normal filling. I decided enough was enough. I was going to change my attitude so I didn’t have to do that again. So I got whitening strips and whitening toothpaste, but saw no result. Then I saw several pins on Pinterest about whitening your teeth with active toothpaste. And I decided I would give it a go, half expecting it not to work. As many Pinterest things end up being.