Steven Universe: Who are the Crystal Gems?

One of my current favorite animations to watch is Steven Universe. Which is made up of gems that are standing against the rest of their race to protect the human race and Earth. This group is made up of several members that all joined the Crystal Gems at various times for various reasons. So let’s go over who each of it’s members are.

Pokémon: Which Eevee Evolution is the Best?

I love Eevee. It has to be my all time favorite Pokémon as it can evolve into a lot of different Pokémons. And I especially love making a team normally my B team in Pokémon games made completely of various Eevee evolutions or eeveelutions as it’s more commonly called. But which Eevee evolution has the best stats?


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Anime Shows That I Love Watching

On Saturday, I shared my favorite DC & Marvel Movies and as I’ve been watching a lot of anime recently I thought I would share some of my favorite shows as well as an honorable mention. These are in not by preference but rather just how I need up making the collage of all the animes. And before everyone goes there, yes I know Avatar is technically not true anime but I’m including it in this post as I feel like it fits in with all of these.

Pokémon: Starter Showdown

There have been a lot of Pokémon games over the years and multiple generations with different starter Pokémon for each of the regions. But one thing that came into my head the other day was: which starter Pokémon is the best out of all of them? So I decided to do some digging and look up the base stats of all the starter Pokémon in their final evolution. For the stats, I got them from Bulbapedia. So that’s what this showdown is based upon. And now without further delay, Pokémon Starter Showdown!