I Tried Following a Bob Ross Tutorial Digitally

I decided to follow a Bob Ross tutorial digitally today on stream. But to give myself more of a challenge, I was only allowed to use “weird” brushes. So, not your typical flat brush, oil paint, or line brushes. I had to use the artistic ones. Those that have weird textures or designs. This also went for any smudging or blending that I had to do. In addition, to keep with the traditional style art I could only use one layer. The tutorial I ended up following was Tropical Seascape from Season 12 Episode 9 of The Joy of Painting.

Art Diary: Zodiac Signs

Honestly, I have no idea how to title this post so we’re going with art diary. I thought I would share some of my artwork on my blog, I am still getting used to sharing my work with others rather than just saving it to my computer and calling it a day. I’m still learning the medium in drawing things more realistic. Most of my favorite things I’ve done since getting a tablet have been emotes for Twitch. So, the first one I’m sharing here is a series I did of the Zodiac signs complete with their mascot, star sign, and symbol.


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Life Lately: February 2020

This month I’ve been kind of offline, mainly as A LOT has been going on. Since, I haven’t done one of these in ages, I thought I would share what’s I’ve been up to.

Road to Rediscovery: Revisiting Old Hobbies

Something I’ve been trying to do lately is getting back to my old hobbies. After high school I kind of left them behind mainly due to limited time and poor mental health. These hobbies being drawing, writing, and reading. Now I also paint, which I have not stopped though I do so sparingly as I don’t need a million canvas especially right now while I’m in a tiny space. And as much fun as makeup is I don’t want that to be my only hobby. So I’m revisiting the ones I left in the past to see if they interest me again now that my mental health isn’t as god awful.

Life Through Death Painting Series

This is a painting series that I’ve been working on for my bedroom. Two of the paintings I have technically done before the first one being the a heart with flowers and the second being a ribcage filled with flowers. I decided when I was going to make a third painting around the same theme that I wanted literally everything to match. So I painted over all of them that way they would look way more uniform. After creating the first painting in the series I decided to name it “Life Through Death.” Since all the paintings basically involve items that would be dead with flowers symbolizing life somewhere in the painting.

Sunrise Lake | Paint Nite with my Sister | AD

For national sibling day, a previous Paint Nite blog post I did got shared on their main page so we got free tickets to any night of our choosing. So we agreed upon Sunrise Lake, which looks rather complicated but a lot of fun. If you’ve never done a Paint Nite, I highly recommend it. Not just because we got free tickets to Paint Nite but because I love going to these. To be honest, my sister and I were already planning to do another one anyways and the free tickets just made it so much easier for us.