Perfect Sugar Cookies for Cookie Cutters

I meant to post this last week, but didn’t get around to it as I was still busy with the holidays. But I still really wanted to post this even though it’s a bit late. My family loves making sugar cookies for Christmas and more recently, we’ve been making them on Christmas or Christmas Eve instead of a week or so in advance. And every year we forget what recipe we used the previous year and end up doing something differently.

5 Beautiful Backyard DIY Projects for This Summer

Summer is the best time to start an outdoor DIY project. You have more time on your hands, the days are longer and if you find the right time, when it’s not too hot, just being outside, playing with your tools could be a real treat.

These projects are about more than just having fun and working on your hobby – if they are implemented right, they could be a valuable addition to your backyard and in some cases, even raise the value of your entire property.


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Athena/Minerva: Goddess of War Strategy and Wisdom

For the third look, since Athena/Minerva is the goddess of war strategy and wisdom I love I would try to showcase that using golds and bronze colors. Now when I originally planned and tested the look, it turned out completely different to when I filmed it. So you can see in the end I ended up just switching the look of the head piece that this goddess is often seen wearing.

Nyx/Nox: Goddess of Night

The second Goddess in the collection is Nyx/Nox or the goddess of the night, who was feared by Zeus and is the daughter of Chaos. She was also the mother to sleep, death, and darkness. And I thought it was only right to do this look using mainly NYX products. For this look I wanted to go something more Avant Garde with a galaxy effect created using various cream paints of purples, teals, blues, and white/silvers.

Quick and Easy Hairstyles – The Braids

For the final part of the quick and easy hairstyles, we’re going over the braids. These are expanding upon the methods from the previous segment, the ponytails. As they take the concept of braids and taking it a step further. Now for these hairstyles I am wearing my Irresistible Me hair extensions and I had to readjust these a few times in my hair depending on how the braid goes to make the clips more comfortable. As I’m using hair extensions, I’m cutting out the step of adjusting the extensions but I just wanted to note that I was doing that.

How to Get Perfect Eyebrows in Five Easy Steps

Getting the perfect brows can be done in a few easy steps using just eyebrow pencil, a spoolie brush, and some concealer. It doesn’t matter what kind of product you use for, I am using the Maybelline Define-A-Brow pencil and Maybelline Face Studio Master Concealer.