Makeup Techniques – Contouring

Continuing on with the mini-series of makeup techniques, today I’m going to just briefly go over contouring your face. But the concept can be applied to other areas of your body if you wanted to contour elsewhere as I know that is a current makeup trend. Though I would probably never do this myself as I don’t see the point in spending time contouring my arms, back, legs, or abdomen granted you do look slightly more tone doing so. And this whole trend can basically be blamed on Kim Kardashian, granted it’s been around for a lot longer than that. The concept is to highlight areas you want to make bigger and darken areas you want to appear smaller. Think about the Lion King in a way for contouring: everywhere the light touches you highlight, and where there are shadows you contour. You can use this same technique to change your facial features to an extent by contouring in different places than you normally would.

Makeup Techniques – Strobing

There are a lot of beauty trends, and they don’t all last. And some for good reason. But I feel like strobing is one that is going to sticky around for a while. You may be wondering what strobing is… in short it is a technique that’s opposite of contouring. You focus on the high points of the face rather than the shadows. This can be accomplished using highlighting products on your cheekbones, brow bones, bridge of the nose, middle of the forehead, middle of chin, and cupid’s bow. Leaving you with a dewy glow and no harsh shadows.


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