Book Series I Never Finished Reading

Recently I decided to go through my bookshelves and get rid of some books I would never end up reading or would never re-read. Mainly to make room for books I actually enjoy or want to read. A lot of these I’ve had for ten years or more, so they’ve either gotten a lot of love or never got love. This gave me inspiration for going over some book series that I never finished reading for one reason or another. Some of these I still have the books of while others I do not.

Book Series I Loved But Never Re-Read

I thought it was only right after discussing the book series that I frequently return to, that I mention the ones that I loved reading but never re-read. There’s no reason why I didn’t for any of these. And all of these I have kept the books in my personal library through many moves even though I haven’t touched some of these series in years.


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Book Series I Frequently Return To

When I was a little kid, it was hard press to get me to pick up a book. I couldn’t spell or understand most of the words even though I liked the concept of books. This for the longest time turned me off from books, so I can’t say any books when I was younger had any real impact on me. Though that all changed roughly in sixth or seventh grade when I found a series I couldn’t put down. Since that time period, there have been numerous books that I read without ever wanting to put the books down. So, I thought I would write about some of those series especially the ones that I’ve read countless times.