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It’s Mae Polzine! I started this blog back in 2015 to be a place where I could be creative and share things that I love. So, I post a variety of things. I stream a variety of things (gaming, body paint, art, etc.) on Twitch multiple times a week, with stream highlights and all VODs posted on my YouTube Channel.

Lastly, join our Discord to chat with other pack members. We have a great and supportive community over there. I love talking with everyone in Discord as it’s a great way to connect. Also, I offer Twitch emotes, sub badges, and moreover on my shop page as well as my own merch.

The Sims 4: The Tornado Struck Starbucks (Deconstruction Challenge)

The Sims Supply has been doing a challenge on his YouTube challenge where you basically deconstruct a house or building in The Sims 4 using a specific theme. I decided to use a Starbuck Inspired Restaurant that was originally renovated by MonsterGamiing and built by audrcami, which I found on The Sims 4 gallery. It looked really cool… so it must be destroyed!

The Sims 4: Color Palette Build Challenge

I love building in the sims especially rooms as I get to play around with my love to redesign rooms. I’m not so great on exteriors but I’ve been working on it. Recently I saw The Sims Supply or James Turner, do this challenge where you get a random color palette created for you then you try to use that in your build for every detail. My color palette ended up being an off white, light blue almost teal, color, orange, and eggplant. Of course not all of these colors translate 100% to The Sims 4 so I tried my best and this was the result.


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The Sims 4: Build Challenges

Recently, I did a few build challenges within the Sims 4 over on my gaming channel. I didn’t do voice overs for most of these as my family was doing laundry or the dogs were rough housing while I was editing the footage for these. All of these I got the idea from Deligracy or The Sim Supply, but I don’t think they were the originator of these challenges. But I could honestly be incorrect.