Steven Universe: Who are the Crystal Gems?

One of my current favorite animations to watch is Steven Universe. Which is made up of gems that are standing against the rest of their race to protect the human race and Earth. This group is made up of several members that all joined the Crystal Gems at various times for various reasons. So let’s go over who each of it’s members are.

Bendy and the Ink Machine: Flashback to 1920s-30s Animations

I recently discovered a new Indie game called Bendy and the Ink Machine, and got instance flashbacks to the early years of animations (1920s to 1930s). At first I thought it was a callback to the Walt Disney animations, but after seeing more chapters being released and a beauty transformation video of Betty Boop it actually plays way more to the styles of Max Fleischer who also created Popeye, Bimbo from Talkartoons, and The Inkwell Studios. Who unlike Disney had more surrealism designs, dark humor, sexuality, and adult psychological elements to their animations. Which were a reflection on the Great Depression; whereas, Disney was more family focused and an escape from the cruel reality of the time period.


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