First Impression of The Sims 4: Get Famous

EA recently had their Sims Camp for the next Expansion Pack coming to the Sims 4, and bloggers and YouTubers alike got to experience the first gameplay of the new world and content. While I was not at Sims Camp, I did watch many of reviews and previews of the new pack and there were a few things that really stuck out to me. I’ll do a more thorough review once the Expansion Pack is released on November 15th. But I wanted to get a few of my thoughts out there to begin with, noting they may change in the future when I get to play the pack for myself.

Style Inspiration: Lauren Conrad

About ten years ago The Hills first hit MTV and I watched it every season with my sister until it ended in 2010. I loved watching all the fashion and particularly Lauren Conrad. When her line came out at Kohl’s I wanted it in the worst way, and that hasn’t changed much. I love Lauren Conrad’s style. Her airy outfits to casual attire that is perfect for anyone’s wardrobe. She has remained a style inspiration for me as the years have gone by. Now I enjoy reading all about it on her blog


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Style Inspiration: Zoella/Zoë Sugg

One of my biggest fashion/style inspirations at the moment would have to be Zoella or Zoë Sugg as she has such a retro or airy feel to her style. Which is perfect for any time of the year. So for this Fashion Friday, I’m going to go into some of my favorite outfits that Zoella has worn that inspire my everyday wardrobe.

90’s Fashion Trend Comeback: Overalls

Whenever I hear my childhood, or 90’s, trends come back into style I am all for them and will wear them whenever I get the chance. And overalls, or dungarees as some places call them, were one thing I loved. They are the perfect combination of tomboy, comfort and country. I don’t have as many as I wish I did, but there are many different ways to style them. On the weekends when I’m not working, I will happily throw on a pair and call my wardrobe done for the day. As they are stylish and comfortable. These are just some of the ways you can rock an overall, in your everyday life to a night out, as shown by celebrities.

90’s Fashion Trend Comeback: Chokers

One of my favorite fashion trends from the 90’s was the choker. I wore one practically everyday from the time I was ten to the time I was seventeen. And yes by that point it wasn’t in style anymore but I didn’t care. I loved chokers until mine broke and I stopped wearing necklaces for a time. So when every model and celebrity started posting on Instagram or the red carpet had a choker, I…