Everything I Read in 2021

It’s been an entire year. I hope everyone had a good year. I thought I would wrap up the year by looking back at every single book I read in 2021. Honestly, I’m surprised by how many books I read. Not only that but I started reading new genres during the course of this year, though it still is related to fantasy/sci-fi (for the most part). We’ll see if 2022 is similar in terms of how many books I read. I have a lot on my reading list still.

Mid-Year Reading Wrap Up

I figured as we’re halfway through the year, I would do a wrap-up of the things that I read. Especially as there were a lot of books that I managed to get through already. I don’t know if I’ll have quite the same amount read in the second half of the year, but you never know. When I get into a good book, I have a hard time putting it down.


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Trope I’m Tired of Seeing: Sacrificing Power

Sometimes I don’t mind seeing particular tropes in books. Other times, I set the book off to the side and go: “Seriously? We’re doing this again?” This is one of those tropes. I was debating on talking about multiple tropes, but honestly, I feel like this just needs a post of its own. What is that trope you might ask? The lead character losing all of their powers at the end of the book, especially if they were near god-like in the amount of power they had.

The 20 Question Book Tag

I saw this tag on Ellie’s blog, Read to Ramble, and she was tagged by Sabrina over at Sabrina’s Booktails, who found this tag on Prutha’s blog, The Confessions of A Music and Book Addict, and after searching through loads of other posts… I can’t find the original author of this tag nor could Ellie. If you know it, please share in the comments. But I wanted to do this tag since it looked interesting and I need something to blog about during the stretches between books. Since I don’t have time to read long books in one sitting at the moment.

Book Review of Kingsbane (The Empirium Trilogy #2) by Claire Legrand

As much as I love sharing every little thought I have while reading books, sometimes I struggle to set the book down and write down my thoughts. Or I fall asleep then have to try to recall my thoughts the following morning. And considering how the last book went. I’m not even going to attempt to try it with this one. Mostly as I kept forgetting what order things happened in or if it was from the previous section. So, for Kingsbane the second book in The Empirium Trilogy by Claire Legrand, I’m just going to do a standard review once I finish the book.

My Thoughts While Reading Furyborn (The Empirium Trilogy #1) by Claire Legrand

I finally got past my book burn-out that From Blood and Ash series had left me with. That is the longest burn-out I’ve had in a while. Furyborn is the first in The Empirium Trilogy by Claire Legrand. I shall it come up on TikTok quite a few times as recommended with little to no details. The only thing going into the book that I knew was a comparison to Shadow and Bone by Leigh Bardugo. Though different in a way that The Empirium Triology is more in depth and thought out in a way.