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What’s the Deal (Controversy) With Mica? Synthetic vs. Natural

Something that I’ve seen of debate recently in the beauty community, specifically the drama community on YouTube, is the ingredient mica which is a popular ingredient in most eyeshadow palettes. There are two different types: natural and synthetic fluorophlogopite. So, I thought I would do some research into the ingredient as I was curious what the big deal was. And then share with you that information since we’re focused on cruelty free beauty here. And while by definition that means “not tested on animals at any stage of production”, there is such a thing as ethically sourced and I think that falls into this category as well.

China Updates Animal Testing Policy, Are They Cruelty Free Now?

Something that has been a buzz in the cruelty-free community within the last few days is the news that China has changed some laws regarding animal testing. Now the headlines are a bit deceptive as they make it sound like they are ending the laws that require animal testing on cosmetics. Which unfortunately is not true. They have however made some progress but it’s not to a level where if any brand that sells in China is now suddenly cruelty free. So, I thought since we’re all about cruelty-free cosmetics here on my blog I would go over what exact those changes are and what it all means.


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Indie Eyeshadow Palettes I Want to Try But Have Not Purchased

One thing that I really want to do is to explore more Indie Brands. But I am on a no buy to low buy at the moment so I can’t just go out and buy all of the things I want to. So I can’t go out and order all of these palettes even though they are gorgeous. And I’m classifying Indie Brand as ones that are not in major retailers for the most part and have a small (less than 1 million) following on Instagram. I’m also doing a lot of longer try-outs of things at the moment so I don’t really have anything new to discuss. So I thought I would just do an Indie Brand palette wishlist instead so there’s still some beauty related content on the blog.

The History of Blush

This is going to be the final article in the history of makeup series mainly as it’s the only other product that can be traced back more than a few decades from what I could find in my research. The rosy cheeks can be traced back like most makeup mentioned in this series to ancient Egyptians.

The History of Eyeshadow

One of my favorite cosmetics products is eyeshadow, I think it’s a lot of fun to play with to apply on eyelids and under eyebrows. And can be used to add depth, dimension, and expression of creativity. This is not a new product to hit the market in the last few decades like most cosmetics products. It can be traced back to Ancient Egypt, Greece, Rome, and India.

The History of Eyeliner

Next product we’re going to dive into the history of is eyeliner. This has been my favorite makeup product since I was ten years old. Honestly until I was like twenty the only product I ever needed to get through the day was a good liner. And while I don’t have a lot of liners today, it’s still that one thing I need to apply before stepping out of the door most days.