Looking Back at the Last 4 Years of Makeup

This is something that I saw Sarah McGonagall post on Twitter the other day, of looking at artistic growth over the last four years (2017-2020). And it got me looking back at my photos that I’ve saved over the years of makeup looks that I’ve done. Plus, considering I haven’t been doing any makeup since I ran out of contacts during quarantine I thought this would be a fun idea.

My Favorite Looks I Did in 2019

A lot of these looks are recreations from various artists including: James Charles, Keilidh, Orlayna, Sn0ok, Yana, Lilliam Baez, Peachcait, Vanessa Davis, Sandra, Abbey Strohmeyer, and Charlotte Roberts. I’m pretty sure that’s everyone who inspired the looks I’m showing below, if I missed anyone I’ll make sure to go back in and add them. But I think I got everyone, thankfully Instagram exists and I had posted these there at one point in the last year for me to go back and reference. I had a lot of fun creating looks last year and pushing myself to try new techniques. I can’t wait to see where 2020 brings us as I have plans to do more looks.


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Watercolor Inspired Makeup Look

I was in the mood to be creative and I came across a look by Charlotte Roberts that was this watercolor inspired look. So I had to do my own take on it, I know she was inspired by another artist however I was unable to find the original painting as it appears their account was deleted otherwise I would totally link you to that painting as well.v

Tangled in Lights Makeup Look

I don’t have a big tree to decorate this year though I did help my mom with hers. And hers isn’t the same color palette that I would go for. Granted this look isn’t that either unless you count the rainbow icicle string of lights that I have on my balcony for the season. Since we’re in the midst of Blogmas, I thought I would try my best at a recreation of this tangled up in Christmas lights look by Abbey Strohmeyer (and inspired by Sandra on Instagram). Check out their versions of this look as both are incredible.

You’ll Float Too! Pennywise from IT Makeup Look

It’s spooky season! I love Halloween, it’s my favorite time of the year. And yes I could start celebrating and doing makeup looks in October, but considering how little time I have I’m going to be doing some in September too. This one I had a lot of fun recreating. The look I was inspired by was by @peachcait over on Instagram (she was inspired by @keilidhmua and @yashinss though I’m not sure what looks, I tried finding them to link in this post but failed). She’s an incredibly talented makeup artist, so check her out if you don’t follow her already. Anyways, this got me so inspired that I had to do my own version of it.

Sketchbook Inspired (Recreation) Makeup Look

It’s been a little while since I’ve done one of these on my blog. I think the last one I did was also inspired by @princessyaanna over on Instagram. Who for this look was inspired by @lilliambaezmakeup. I love drawing and painting, and since I haven’t done a creative makeup look in a while I thought I would give this one a go.