Steven Universe: Heart of the Crystal Gems Thoughts and Summary

Over the last week, Cartoon Network has released one episode a night of Steven Universe under the arc called “Heart of the Crystal Gems.” Which contained five episodes happening after the events of A Single Pale Rose where it was revealed that Rose Quartz/Steven was actually Pink Diamond. And leading up to the point of the arrival of Yellow and Blue Diamond to Beach City. Now I don’t generally write up my thoughts after binge watching a new season, but I really wanted to for Steven Universe.

Steven Universe: Who are the Crystal Gems?

One of my current favorite animations to watch is Steven Universe. Which is made up of gems that are standing against the rest of their race to protect the human race and Earth. This group is made up of several members that all joined the Crystal Gems at various times for various reasons. So let’s go over who each of it’s members are.


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