American Horror Story: Connections of the Seasons

Rose and I love watching American Horror Story. And have seen every episode of every season, currently we’re in the middle of season 7 which is called Cult. And the stories are all related. Up until season 7 there was no link between the odd and even seasons, but they are all finally linked together with the release of the latest season. So let’s dive into each season and explore the links to the other seasons.

Doctor Who: Who is My Doctor?

I started watching Doctor Who in my computer room with my dad when he had it playing on the TV. The very first Doctor Who episode I watched was Silence in the Library with the tenth doctor, Donna Noble, and River Song. So ever since then the tenth doctor has been my doctor. Afterwards, I got obsessed with the store and started watching modern Doctor Who from the beginning and went back to the classics on what was available at the time on Netflix. But no matter what Doctor I watched before or after, the tenth doctor will always be my doctor.


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