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It’s Mae Polzine! I started this blog back in 2015 to be a place where I could be creative and share things that I love. So, I post a variety of things. I stream a variety of things (gaming, body paint, art, etc.) on Twitch multiple times a week, with stream highlights and all VODs posted on my YouTube Channel.

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The Apartment Diaries: Start of my Sanctuary (AKA the Bedroom)

My bedroom is one space that I wanted to be a mixture of relaxing and have tons of my personality everywhere from the artwork to little pop culture references. Excuse the not made bed, Pixie likes to unmake it. And I’m not embarrassed that my room isn’t perfect. I really like how it looks so far. I still have some stuff in here to unpack or get rid of but I thought I would show the start of turning my room into a sanctuary.

6 Easy Ways to Style a Coffee Table

One thing I’ve love to decorate in the living rooms are coffee tables. Growing up my parents never decorated our coffee table, and it’s always something I enjoy when watching HGTV or scrolling through the home design tag on Pinterest. So I thought I would explore this topic how how to style your coffee table.


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Inspiring Window Bay Seating Areas

I love going on Pinterest and looking at random home design elements to dream about one day having a place of my own. And one thing I have always loved are window bay seating areas. They are just a cozy spot to cuddle with your little animal, a blanket, and a book. I especially love them during a rain storm as you can watch the weather without being in it… not that my dog Pixie would agree with me on that. But on a nice sunny day, I could totally see her up on the bay seat bathing in the warmth.

6 Exterior Trends to Embrace in 2018

Every year comes with a slew of fresh and exciting ideas on how to re-imagine the exterior of your home. While some trends come as fast as they go, others capture the timeless charm and have much more longevity to them. Also, we have noticed that some prominent trends that have been stealing the show in interior design are now coming to the forefront of the exterior realm.

5 Interior Design Trends That Will Dominate in 2018

2018 is going to be a fantastic year for all home decor enthusiasts.

Why is that, you ask?

Well, we are less than a month into this year and industry leading interior designers have already come out with their ideas of what trends we can expect in 2018. Spoiler alert, they are all awesome. From embracing the imperfections to the natural wood elements, the interior design industry is really stepping up their game. But let’s take a more detailed look at these trends, so that you too can decorate your home in the latest fashion.

Easy Ways to Add a Vintage Touch to Your Home

Who doesn’t love a little vintage charm in their home. It’s cute and timeless, mainly as most of the pieces are really freaking old. Or made to look at way. Vintage home decor goes hand and hand with rustic decor, but is just ever so slighly different. So what makes vintage home decor differ from rustic home decor? Vintage is more focused on sweet floral patterns, romantic spring colors, and distressed finishes. Whereas rustic is more focused on distressed finishes, neutral colors, and farmstyle accents like chicken wire. It’s more raw than vintage is. So on today’s “Easy Ways to Add (BLANK) Touch to Your Home” I’m going to be focusing on vintage.