Memorial Day Week in Review

This week included Memorial Day so I didn’t have to work on Monday. So I had a lovely three day weekend, and it was around 100 degrees Fahrenheit in Minnesota. I also needed just some time in nature so I took out to the local dog parks, including one that had a lake to swim in and one that’s all forest so there’s tons of shade to hide from the heat. On the first day, we went to the lake park and it was all fine and dandy until four big dogs, all siblings, decided it would be an excellent idea to grab onto Pixie’s collar and drag her out into the water where she couldn’t touch the ground. So she of course panicked and started drowning, thus forcing my hand to go out into the lake after her when the other dog’s parents refused to help call off their dogs. But the rest of the time was fine, we played fetch with her tennis balls and Pixie rolled around in the grass.

Off-Lease Dog Parks with Pixie

In the Twin Cities there aren’t a lot of open fields or places to take your dog that loves to run that don’t require you have a lease. And a long lease doesn’t cut it as they have limitations on the length of lease in many of these places. So finding an off-lease dog park is a must with having a dog who goes zero to sixty after a tennis ball. And I mean that quite literally… while maybe not the speed part. But if there is a tennis ball being thrown, nothing else matters in the world to her. And a six feet limit is not going to cut it. She wants to run 30 to 50 yards after the ball. If not more. 


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Tips on Raising a Shy or Fearful Dog

Something that not many people don’t know is that Pixie is a very shy or fearful dog. One day she will be totally fine with a person or dog and the next she is completely terrified. She’s gotten a lot better over the years through training and working on ways to help her go from being scared out of her mind to cautiously curious about a situation. And we’re not really sure where it stems…