Dragon Age Inquisition: Romances

If you’re watching my Dragon Age: Inquisition let’s play, this is sort of a spoiler but I did admit I was going to have them get together. Them being the Inquisitor and Cullen. And mainly this is my favorite romance option with the Inquisitor as the two of them are just so awkward together it’s adorable. Plus out of all the companions that you can romance with, I find these two just work the best. Unless you’re playing as a guy then I’m totally go going after Dorian or Josephine.

Dragon Age Inquisition: Loves and Loathes

Hello my little dragons! I’m moving onto my favorite game on our YouTube channel, which is Dragon Age: Inquisition. So I thought it was only fitting for today’s post to be a little loves and loathes. So if you want to see the game-play, keep an eye on the following location and subscribe to our channel: Dragon Age: Inquisition playlist. I’m going to be playing as a human rogue as my game glitched out any time I tried playing as a mage like I wanted to originally when I was starting up the game. So the rogue saga will continue!


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