Squeeze of the Day (Citrus Fruit Inspired Makeup Look)

This week’s theme for Caturday is Fruit, so I went for a citrus fruit-inspired look. I used a look by @lenaaleew as a reference for this look. I absolutely love how this turned out with the lemons, limes, and oranges. I didn’t really have an outfit that went with the look, so I wanted to focus on the makeup and pulling in elements with the white and green.

How I’ve Been Doing my Everyday Makeup in Quarantine

It’s been a hot minute since I posted something makeup related on my blog, but to be honest I haven’t been wearing a lot of makeup since quarantine for COVID-19 began. Mainly as I ran out of contacts and putting makeup on without being able to really see was a hassle. So, I’ve only really started wearing makeup again for the last month. But it’s still been my go-to “roughly” since quarantine started.


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Review of e.l.f. x JKissa to the Rescue Palette

The first time JKissa collaborated with e.l.f. I missed out as it was constantly out of stock whenever I tried to get it. So, this time I did not want to miss out with the To the Rescue Eyeshadow Palette. That is not the only thing that came with this collection. There was also a furever eyeshadow brush set (I love e.l.f. brushes and they make up the majority of brushes I own/use), and Tsuki To My Heart Eyeshadow Topper Duo. I’m not going to be focused on those two items from this collection in this review, but I did get both in addition to the palette.

What Brushes Do I Use on a Daily Basis

As much as I like to say I mix things up, I am extremely a creature of habit. And this is extremely true when it comes to brushes. I tend to use the same ones over and over again to the point I have multiple of the same brushes. So that way if the day before I did an insanely bright colorful look, I don’t have to worry about my brushes being dirty. Granted I’ve started to use this Color Cleaner that I got off Amazon that lets you quickly change colors, so that makes using the same brushes over and over again.

There’s a Pumpkin Taking Over My Face

Here’s another Halloween look for the season, many as I’ve been in the trying random makeup looks and I’m not a massive fan of my recreation of this look. But I do like how a few elements of this look turned out. Basically it’s a person who’s being taken over by a pumpkin parasite. I have seen multiple different versions on Instagram this season but the two that I saw were from withlove.nadia and vocallyshook.

e.l.f. Cosmetics Flawless Finish Foundation SPF 15 Porcelain & Alabaster Review

Continuing on my saga of testing out all of the foundations that I got recently to find my new go-to foundations that’s easy of the budget, I started testing out the e.l.f. cosmetics flawless finish foundation. In this collection there are eight shades ranging from Porcelain to Coco, which is not great at all in this day and age they need to come out with more shades. But I do have the shades Porcelain and Alabaster, which I am testing out. Each bottle contains 0.8 oz and costs $6.