How to Get Perfect Eyebrows in Five Easy Steps

Getting the perfect brows can be done in a few easy steps using just eyebrow pencil, a spoolie brush, and some concealer. It doesn’t matter what kind of product you use for, I am using the Maybelline Define-A-Brow pencil and Maybelline Face Studio Master Concealer.

Makeup Tips for Beginners

When you’re first starting out with makeup, looking at a drugstore makeup alley or a makeup store seem overwhelming and you have no idea what you even need. Or what to do with the products you just got. And everyone was a beginner at some point at some point in their life. So these are the best makeup tips that I have for anyone just starting out with makeup. Complexion This is something I never…


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Eyebrow Mistake of A Ten Year Old Mae

We all have made mistakes when it comes to beauty when we are first starting out. From raccoon eyes, not fully blending in our foundation leaving behind a solid line around the borders, not wearing the correct shade of foundation for our skin tone, or over plucking our eyebrows. And I have done all of these things in the past. But I went one step further on the last one. I shaved off my eyebrows…