My Thoughts on The Fair Isle Trilogy by Tessonja Odette

Normally when I do reviews, I do one book at a time in a series unless it’s Ruby Dixon’s books as I marathon the entire series and combine them all into one review. Usually, due to the fact, they are short and my opinion doesn’t vary from book to book. However, The Fair Isle Trilogy by Tessonja Odette I’m combining as I got all three books combined under one paperback book. So, I figured I might as well share the review of each individual book altogether with my overall thoughts at the end.

My Thoughts on Gleam (The Plated Prisoner Series, Book 3) by Raven Kennedy

Gleam is the third installment in the reimaging of the King Midas myth series called The Plated Prisoner. It takes place immediately following the events of Glint, so spoiler warning for that book. Auren learns the fact that King Ravinger is Commander Rip. He is able to transform his appearance between the two, and he’s just learned that she’s the one who can turn things to gold not Midas. I started this book immediately after finishing Glint because I had to know how Auren was going to react to that information. She has started to get feelings for the Fourth Kingdom’s King. Not only that but she feels betrayed by him for not telling her that detail. Similar to how everyone hides or keeps things from her, or tries to dictate her life. She’s done with it. And honestly, I don’t blame her.


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My Thoughts on Glint (The Plated Prisoner Series, Book 2) by Raven Kennedy

immediately following the events of Gild, so spoiler warning for that book. Auren has been taken by the Fourth’s Army, where she is being held captive by Commander Rip and being taken back to Midas so the two kings can come to some sort of agreement. Going into the book I was curious how this one would go especially since it doesn’t have the same warnings as the first book. Which I hoped was a good thing, because I really didn’t like some of those elements in the first book. But was still drawn in enough by the story, I wanted to see where it would continue with the rest of the series.