Autumn To-Do List

Autumn is my favorite season of the year. Whether it’s spending time by the fire getting cuddled by in a blanket drinking hot chocolate and eating s’mores. Or a fall walk through the woods on a crisp evening as the leaves are changing on the trees. And while I know we’re almost all the way through the season with only a month left before it’s winter, I really wanted to write this post. And share the list of things I try to always accomplish before the season is up.

Quick Rushing Out the Door Fall Makeup Tutorial

When I get up early in the morning to get ready for work, I rarely leave myself a lot of time to do things like hair and makeup. I end up just doing a quick five minutes hair and makeup, while I’m waiting for Pixie to finish eating breakfast. Sometimes I get some more time so I add in more elements or refine my makeup some more. But when I’m in a rush, there’s no time for that. It has to be quick and not look like you applied makeup in the dark. So here is the routine I typically follow every morning before work.


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The Fall Tag

Since it is October and it’s finally feeling like fall, I was debating on joining everyone for Blogtober… but I already blog daily so it’s not really something special for this blog. But I still wanted to join in on the fun. And I loved this Fall Tag that I saw on Cardigan Jezebel. So that’s what we’re going to do today, just discussing my absolute favorite season of the year!

Eyeshadow Palettes to Get You Through Autumn

Fall is officially upon us, it was questionable in September but the seasons truly feel changed at this point so I felt like sharing all of the palettes that give off that perfect fall look or have all of the tones you crave during the autumn months. Those typically being red, orange, copper, berry, and chocolate. They give the look of the leaves changing, pumpkin patches, and s’mores by a bonfire. Some of these palettes are newer while others are tried-and-true classics.

Perfect Fall Palette | ColourPop Good Sport Pressed Powder Palette Review & Swatches

Fall is finally upon us and honestly in my collection I don’t have a lot of palettes I would classify as a fall palette. I mean Urban Decay Heat or Tarte Tarlette Toasted palette might be close, but this new palette from ColourPop called Good Sport is amazing for the fall months! You have almost all of the colors of leaves as they change in the fall. Including green from just before they change.

Apple Picking at Aamodt’s Apple Farm

Last Sunday, I went with my roommate Harley, to Aamodt’s apple farm on the final apple picking day. The only apples that were available for picking were Haralson, which are winter apples that are perfect for eating, pie, baking, sauce, jelly and freezing. This farm is a great location for families as they have tons of things from wagon rides to train rides, and a bunch of play sets. They also have St. Croix Winery where you can taste different wines and purchase some as well.