I Cut Out Sugar for a Month & Here’s What Happened

Since January I’ve been trying to be better with my diet and to lose weight. Really I’ve been trying to figure out diet for ages where I’m eating enough nutrients, and I can lose weight. I cut out having desserts every night to maybe once every four months, and only having fast food once every other week. And while this initially helped me lose 10 pounds, stress brought all of that weight straight back. Which seriously bothered me as losing that first 10 pounds already felt impossible. I also started going on long walks with Pixie every day as compared to short walks that we were doing. So after watching Mykie from Glam & Gore’s fitness transformation video, I got inspired to give letting go of all sugar from my diet a chance. Which sounds simple until you notice just how many things contain sugar. And how freaking addicted to it you are. So here is my experience with giving it up for an entire month.

5 Benefits Dancing Can Have on Your Health

It happens to most people. You hear that song you really like and you start moving, without even thinking about it. Your body just does it. Your arms, legs and even your head get thrown around in all directions. And it feels so good. And not only that, it also does good things to your body and mind. Here are some excuses for dancing your heart out.


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What Does Skateboarding Mean to You?

We often look for freedom in our creative endeavors, on our professional path, with our close ones and significant others. But this fickle, impervious concept comes mostly from within our deepest self, and it can be experienced in the places you least expect it. Some find relief and comfort in returning to their ballet lessons, while others seek refuge in taekwondo or krav maga.

How to Choose the Right Fitness Program for You

When it comes to exercise, only one thing is for sure: we could all use more of it. Obesity is slowly turning into an epidemic that is plaguing people all over the world. A lethal combination of an abundance of mostly processed foods, and our sedentary way of life are wreaking havoc over our health and body.  That’s quite a commitment, especially if you’re stuck doing something you don’t enjoy. So, how exactly do you choose the right program for you? Here are some tips.

Fun Ways To Exercise When You Lack The Motivation

I’m not the biggest fan of the concept of working out. I want to as there are tons of health benefits but the idea of going to a gym bores me and working out at home half the time never works. So how do you workout or exercise when you have little to no motivation? I’ve come up with a few things I like to do to try to get some exercise in that don’t really feel like exercise when you’re doing it.

Best Swimming Workout for Your New Summer Body

Swimming pools aren’t exactly associated with losing weight and getting into shape. Most people think about swimming as a fun and casual physical activity which can’t replace a regular gym workout. However, this isn’t exactly true; swimming can make you as fit as any other workout if you do it on a regular basis. It strengthens all muscles and it’s easier on the joints than land-based exercises of a similar intensity are. There is also evidence that swimming boosts the metabolism and helps with mental health as well.