Comparing All the Morphe Jaclyn Hill Collection Formulas

After the whole Morphe changing the original palette of Jaclyn Hill formula, I thought I would compare all three collections to each other. More so than I did in the post discussing this change as I think it’s interesting. I will not be including the original formula in this post as that is no longer in production. And I mainly wanted to go over this as in Jaclyn Hill’s commercial for the palette she describes her newest palette (Volume 2) as having the same formula of the original palette. So, I wanted to see if the new “original” formula is the same as the volume 2 palette, or if it’s closer to the vault collection which was hit or miss for a good portion of people. My vault collection wasn’t that bad, and I do reach for those from time to time, but I know others found issues with it.

Did Morphe Change the Formula on the Original Jaclyn Hill Palette?

One of the best palettes that I think Morphe ever came out with was the original Jaclyn Hill palette back in 2017. I still love that palette and use it regularly, but I noticed while I was curious on their website (was looking at the new palette, debating on getting it) that something changed. For starters, it’s no longer listed under the vegan section of their website. So, I went back to my original review where I had the ingredients list and decided to do a comparison as I used to include that list in every review back in the day.


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