Subnautica: Where Are the Cuddlefish?

There are a total of four cuddlefish that can be found around the world. But cannot be found swimming around the world except after hatched then released from the alien containment unit. It takes a grand total of 20 minutes for them to hatch once the egg is placed in the alien containment unit. And they are so cute!!!! So if you have this game and what to have one yourself, here are all of the locations you can find these little cuties.

Subnautica: What Happened to the Other Passengers of the Aurora?

You play the game of Subnautica as the character of Ryley Robinson the Non-Essential Maintenance Chief Officer, who is the sole survivor of the Aurora. But what happened to the rest of the passengers and staff? As there’s no way only one individual managed to make it through that event.


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The Sims 4: Color Palette Build Challenge

I love building in the sims especially rooms as I get to play around with my love to redesign rooms. I’m not so great on exteriors but I’ve been working on it. Recently I saw The Sims Supply or James Turner, do this challenge where you get a random color palette created for you then you try to use that in your build for every detail. My color palette ended up being an off white, light blue almost teal, color, orange, and eggplant. Of course not all of these colors translate 100% to The Sims 4 so I tried my best and this was the result.

Subnautica: Can You Save the Sunbeam?

I have been playing a lot of Subnautica recently and I wanted to test out a question that popped into my mind: Can you Save the Sunbeam? If you’ve never played the game before, at one point in there is a ship called the Sunbeam that responds to your S.O.S. signal and comes to rescue you. But the planet you are on, is under quarantined so it is destroyed upon entry to the planet. In order to disable the gun, you have to find the cure and turn off the gun. Some everything I’ve seen/experienced there is no way to achieve all of this before Sunbeam’s arrival without the use of some cheats. Those cheats being: nocost and invisible (no aggression). With these two things you can “finish” the game before Sunbeam comes. But will the game allow this or will it glitch out?

Twitch vs. YouTube for Gaming

If you are a Dragonite over on YouTube, you’ll know that for the past few months I’ve been uploading almost every weekday some type of gaming video. But over the past three months or so, I’ve kind of lost my motivation to upload to that platform in general. Almost every video is flagged as not “advertiser friendly” though it fits into the guidelines right as my channel finally is getting some views and engagement. Which sucks. Just cause I don’t make enough money or living off of YouTube, seeing that on every video is quite a de-motivation. It started out with every build/buy with the classic Sims soundtrack being flagged as copyright so I couldn’t do CAS (Create-a-Sim) or build videos that aren’t speed builds with different track over-laid. It just got more and more annoying. And now every video that I want to upload on Skyrim, Dragon Age, or something that involves even the littlest violence is flagged. And these are my favorite games to play, so I had to really debate on what to do.