Subnautica Below Zero: Where Are Each Biome Located?

Similar to the previous game, Subnautica Below Zero has numerous biomes that are very easy to get turned around in or locate. Mainly due to the fact it’s extremely easy to get lost. Or they are layered in such a way that you might miss something all together. So, to make it a little easier on you and myself since I like to go back and reference these, here is where all of the biomes are located in Sector Zero.

Review of Luigi’s Mansion 3

For Christmas, I got Luigi’s Mansion 3 which I have been playing a fair amount of though I have not finished the game. Though I have played enough where I know the mechanics and have seen a playthrough on YouTube to know the rest of the story. Not that I’m going to spoil the game if you wanted to play it yourself. All I’m saying is, I know how it goes so I’m comfortable enough with giving my review of the game at this time.


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Pokemon Sword & Shield: Becoming the Champion

Not sure what it says about Pokemon Sword but I have completed the Champion Cup after only having the game for a little under two weeks. Or if that more says how addicted I got to this game, I’m not done playing with it even though the story is over. Since, I did one for the Gym Battles, I figured I might as well do the Champion Cup overview as well.

Pokemon Sword & Shield: Stopping the Darkest Day

Before you can do the Championship Match in Pokemon Sword & Shield, Chairman Rose has decided to enact The Darkest Day which almost had destroyed the region previously. The game leads up to the two legendary Pokemon (Zacian and Zamazenta) located in Slumbering Weald, though you cannot catch them until after you became the Champion of Galar. But you will head there with Hop to collect the rusty sword and shield that you’ll take with you to Hammerlocke where Chairman Rose has gone.

Pokemon Sword & Shield: Building the Eevee Evolution (Eeveelution) Army

I might have gotten a little obsessed over Pokemon Sword so please bear with me as I post a bunch of things on it. I’m just inspired by it at the moment. As I mentioned, Eevee isn’t easy to come by in the game. My favorite Pokemon is very hard to find so I used the only one I spotted in the wild and the one I received for free since luckily they were different genders to breed to build my Eeveelution Army. I do this in every Pokemon game. I love them… it has to be done. And I give them all the nicknames from the show/anime. Sue me! So, I thought I would write today about how to obtain and evolve one of every Pokemon in this clan.

The Pop Culture Download #21: Pokemon Sword, Little Women, and Lady & the Tramp

This last week has been packed with various things, as I finally stopped playing old games that I’ve previously beat and watched two movies. I know a shock to me too. I was getting in a runt there for a little bit and not exploring anything new.