30 Things Everyone in Their Early-20s Should Know

This month I’m turning 24, originally I was thinking about doing an entire week decided to birthdays, but I’m honestly not feeling inspired to do that anymore and can’t think of even posts that I would honestly want to write/read. So instead I’m just going to do a few of them and just other “Growing Up” topics throughout the month of May. So today is all about things that everyone in their early 20s should know about to some level.

My First Time

Today I felt like going things that were my first. Such as first word, first kiss, and first memory. I would love to hear what some of your firsts are or if you have any similar ones. My First Word.  It was either dog or puppy. As I’ve said in previous blogs, you could say I’ve loved or been obsessed with dogs my entire life. My First Stuffed Animal. My first stuffed animal was a…


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Life Lessons

Hello everyone, Since I’m 22, I thought I would reflect upon things I’ve learned in the course of my life. But first a quote that I just loved, but I modified it slightly to reflect my own age. “I’m on level 22, that’s what I like to say because I beat the underwater level and the pyramid level. Like went through all the tunnels. I’m just getting better and better at life… if you don’t…