Habits I Want to Start and Stop in 2020

I shared my main goals for the year already on the blog, but I thought I would go over some habits that I want to stop myself from doing and some that I want to start doing to help overall improve myself. Last year was learning to be comfortable in my skin and regaining independence. So, 2020 I want to be a year of growth now that I’ve achieved those two things. In order to do so, as I said some habits need to change.

Small Changes I Want to Make in My Life

This is a topic I saw on one of my favorite blogs to read, From Roses, and I’ve been in a weird place in my own life for the past few months. From finally getting to start looking for an apartment as my personal deadline arrived to deciding not to move for another year or so until several things in my life are more stable (I can’t talk about these yet but once the dust has settled I might be able to). Due to all of this, I decided there are just a few things that I want to make a change to see how much better things will be in the long run. Plus I can’t rearrange my room… or should I say Harry Potter Closet, which I used to change my room every season so I need a new mini project to focus on.


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Habits For A Happier Mindset

One thing I recently have been inspired to do is write more health & wellness posts. These are some of my favorite posts to read about and help me a lot when I write about this topic. As if you’ve read any personal update before of mine or follow my social media accounts, you’ll know I’ve been dealing with my bipolar disorder reappearing it’s ugly head. And no… I haven’t gone in yet. I can’t really afford the co-pay at the moment, so these are things I’ve been doing that have been actually helping me a lot get through the cycles. Especially the depression phases, so I hope that they might help someone else as well.

My Bad Beauty Habits

We’re all guilty of breaking beauty rules from time to time. I’ve been trying to create a regime for the past few months and make it into a habit so I don’t have problems related to those bad habits. So these are all the things I often do that I need to stop like yesterday.