What’s the Problem with DevaCurl? And Why I Stopped Using Their Products

I think everyone that starts the Curly Girl Method at one point or another tries DevaCurl. It’s one of the most popular products for this since it’s silicone free and was previously known as being the perfect product to use. Considering it seems to be taking over my YouTube recommended feed, I thought I would talk about my experience and what the products other customers seem to be having as well with their products.

9-Month Update on the Curly Girl Method, and 1 Year of Hair Growth

It’s been a year since I got a haircut that completely wrecked my self confidence where the back was maybe an inch or two long. And about nine months since I started using the Curl Girl Method. In that time a lot has changed. I have changed hair colors several times though I’m trying to keep it more natural now (granted I’m still dying it from a cool tone color to a warm tone color in the same level every four months or so). And I did get a haircut recently to give my hair a uniform style, prior to that I had not gotten my hair professionally done since last Christmas. So, I thought I would do a little update on the hair growth and how the Curly Girl Method has been working for me.


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Game of Thrones: Daenerys Targaryen Hair Evolution

One of the most iconic characters in Game of Thrones is Daenerys Stormborn of House Targaryen, the First of Her Name, Queen of the Andals and the First Men, Protector of the Seven Kingdoms, the Mother of Dragons, the Khaleesi of the Great Grass Sea, the Unburnt, the Breaker of Chains. And over the eight season show her hair transforms pretty drastically. So similarly as I did with Sansa Stark I thought I would go over her hair evolution. I was rooting for her since season one to have the iron throne, though Sansa did come close second until the possibility of the north being separate. Then I wanted Sansa being Queen of the North with Dany on the Iron Throne ruling the rest of the kingdoms. Now no spoilers… but oh what they did with her character. I mean you could see it coming but it felt rushed.

Game of Thrones: Sansa Stark Hair Evolution

Game of Thrones was an iconic show of the last decade, and one of the characters who goes through a major transformation during the course of the show is Sansa Stark. And this can be seen through the clothes she wears to how her hair is styled. So I thought I would do a hair evolution to this iconic character.

My Entire Wig Collection

Some makeup looks just work better with a specific wig, or I just can’t get my hair to work the way I want it to so throwing on a wig is a great alternative to complete a look. Also a lot of the times on weekends I wear wigs all day long rather than doing something with my hair. Not that I hate my natural hair, but sometimes I just want something different. And instead of dying my hair every other week, a quick wig is just better. So I thought I would just do a quick wig collection post.

I Tried the Curly Girl Method for a Month, Here’s What Happened

This is a trend I’ve seen going around on the social media for the past few months and I used to have amazing waves in my hair. Then I cut it and suddenly my waves were gone. Around that time I also started to use Formulate, and while it made my hair feel nice it has silicone which I think is the main culprit to why my waves were gone. So I decided to try out the Curly Girl Method which is from Lorraine Massey’s book “Curly Girl: The Handbook.”