History of the Trend: Dreadlocks

History of the Trend is a series I’m going to be starting on my blog and I don’t know how many of these I’m going to do or how long this series will be occurring, but this is something I’ve wanted to do for a while after a conversion with my roommate. It came about when we talking about dreadlocks which is why I’m going to be starting with this topic. As we were talking about Demi Lovato sporting twists in her hair for her music video No Promise and the Twitter backlash she endured. And I came up with this idea then but was unsure about actually posting it or not as I’m sure this will have its own debate around it. But let’s try to keep an open mind and let’s drive into the history behind this hair style trend.

Hair Goals from Sci-Fi/Fantasy Shows

love doing new hairstyles and trying to do more complicated looks. And a lot of the inspiration I take when creating a new look come from television shows. Especially ones where the characters have a lot of braids in their hair. Some shows that I love watching that have amazing braided hairstyles are the following: The 100, Vikings, and Game of Thrones. Now for my everyday hair, I don’t go to the extreme they do but I take inspiration from them.


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Quick and Easy Hairstyles – The Braids

For the final part of the quick and easy hairstyles, we’re going over the braids. These are expanding upon the methods from the previous segment, the ponytails. As they take the concept of braids and taking it a step further. Now for these hairstyles I am wearing my Irresistible Me hair extensions and I had to readjust these a few times in my hair depending on how the braid goes to make the clips more comfortable. As I’m using hair extensions, I’m cutting out the step of adjusting the extensions but I just wanted to note that I was doing that.

Quick and Easy Hairstyles: The Ponytails

I figured for the next quick and easy hairstyles, I would go over the ponytails. When I’m not in the mood to wrap up all my hair into a bun, then the next hairstyle when I’m running out the door is a ponytail. Not I do include pigtails in this category, but these can be done as a single ponytail. I’m also doing this one before the next one as the techniques in this one will be used in the final segment of this mini-series.

Quick and Easy Hairstyles – The Buns

I don’t usually do a lot of posts talking about hair or hairstyles, so I thought I would mix it up and do a little mini-series on a bunch of relatively quick hairstyles I do. I am going to break them down into sections based off of general appearance or technique of the hairstyle. For the first one, I thought I would stick to buns as that’s my daily go to hairstyle when I’m in a hurry or don’t want to fuss with my hair for a long time period.