Hogwarts Mystery: Year 6 Overview

Another year has concluded in Hogwarts Mystery meaning there is only one left. They slowly released this chapter as they started to do in year 4, so it takes longer to complete. Since friends often end up asking you about previous years or you need to recall things that happened in the past I wanted to create this little overview of what happened during the sixth year in Hogwarts Mystery as I have done with every year in the past.

Hogwarts Mystery: Quidditch Has Arrived

On September 5, 2019 Harry Potter: Hogwarts Mystery added Quidditch into the mobile game that’s available for anyone who has gotten passed year 2 chapter 6. This update includes new characters, mini-game, side quest storyline, and location to explore. That being the Quidditch Stadium. The mobile game did feel like it was missing something without the inclusion of this popular sport in the Harry Potter universe since it was so involved in the books and movies. So, it’s nice they finally added this.


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Hogwarts Mystery: How to Pass Your O.W.L. With Flying Colors

When you reach your fifth year at Hogwarts, all students must take their OWL (Ordinary Wizarding Level) Exams. And this is no exception when it comes to the mobile game, Hogwarts Mystery, inspired by the books and movies of Harry Potter. Instead of these being a chapter in the story mode, it’s a special event that occurs during your fifth year that lasts for about three days. During that time period you need to revise for your exams as well as take them. Now unlike classes it’s more advanced as you’ll have a written portion (questions and answers) and a practical part (focus, timed, and tracing figures). So to help you pass the exams, here is what you might face during the OWL exams as far as the written portion is concerned.

Hogwarts Mystery: Year 4 Overview

So one of my favorite mobile games that has ever come out is Hogwarts Mystery which takes place in the Harry Potter universe shortly after the defeat of You-Know-Who and the death of the Potters. One of the things that comes up a bunch when talking to friends is they ask about your previous years. And sometimes remembering all of those details can be a bit much, so I’m going to be doing an overview of each year and what occurred during them. But I’m going to try not giving too much away.

Harry Potter: Hogwarts Mystery Mobile App Review

Warner Brothers teamed up with Jam City and Portkey Games to create Harry Potter: Hogwarts Mystery which is a mobile application visual novel game. It was just released on April 25, 2018 for Android and iOS Devices. You get to play as a character who started at Hogwarts prior to Harry Potter by a couple of years since Tonks and some of the Weasleys are your fellow classmates. Your brother, Jacob, was also previously expelled from Hogwarts for entering the Cursed Vaults, and later vanished. So you get to discover what happened to Jacob.