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The History of Blush

This is going to be the final article in the history of makeup series mainly as it’s the only other product that can be traced back more than a few decades from what I could find in my research. The rosy cheeks can be traced back like most makeup mentioned in this series to ancient Egyptians.

The History of Eyeshadow

One of my favorite cosmetics products is eyeshadow, I think it’s a lot of fun to play with to apply on eyelids and under eyebrows. And can be used to add depth, dimension, and expression of creativity. This is not a new product to hit the market in the last few decades like most cosmetics products. It can be traced back to Ancient Egypt, Greece, Rome, and India.


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The History of Eyeliner

Next product we’re going to dive into the history of is eyeliner. This has been my favorite makeup product since I was ten years old. Honestly until I was like twenty the only product I ever needed to get through the day was a good liner. And while I don’t have a lot of liners today, it’s still that one thing I need to apply before stepping out of the door most days.

The History of Mascara

Next up in this little “History of Makeup” series is mascara. As this has been around since ancient Egypt starting around 3500 BC to 2500 BC. And like most of makeup’s history it wasn’t always safe. We’re just going to focusing in on mascara though false lashes might be a topic I dive into another day. Currently, I don’t have it on my list for this series but let me know if you would be…

The History of Foundation

Foundation is nothing new in the makeup industry and existed well before the industry was established. Similar to lipstick, but made of different ingredients. To create a solid base for the rest of your look. However, the concept of matching the foundation to your natural color is.

The History of Lipstick

One of my favorite products of all time is lipstick, specifically liquid lipstick. I find it fascinating to see how far various cosmetics products have gone over the course of the years. Five years ago I would never think lipstick would come in anything other than a cream. If it was in a bottle and liquid, it was a gloss not lipstick. And now I can’t imagine not having a dry matte lipstick that lasts all day without any touch-ups. So I thought I would do a little series here on the blog about the history of cosmetics products. Today in particular will be all about lipsticks.