Studio Apartment Designs That Can Maximize Your Use Of A Small Space

In a few months, I’m going to be moving into an apartment of my own and the more I’ve been debating on it the move I’ve come to the conclusion to move into downtown Minneapolis. Or somewhere extremely nearby there so my commute to and from work is shorter. Due to this the price of apartments goes up like crazy meaning I’m switching my mindset from a one bedroom apartment to a studio apartment. Though I might get lucky and find a one bedroom apartment that fits into my budget.

How to Style an Apartment Balcony

I’ve been looking up a lot of ways to style an apartment balcony since within the next few months I’ll be headed to one of my own. Most apartments have one which is a small little space, but I want to make it as charming as possible. I also live in Minnesota so I don’t want to have too much on a balcony where issues would happen. And I can’t wait to transform that space into some magical, but before I do that here are just a few ideas of how to create an amazing balcony space for your apartment.


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