8 Standout Kitchen Trends to Watch out for in 2018

A gorgeous kitchen is the pride of every home. It is also the place where families love spending time together, and where, oftentimes, a lot of our fondest memories are created. Here are the most exciting kitchen design trends for next year.

Moving in Together, 6 Space Efficient Tips

When a couple has decided to move their relationship to the “next level” they often decide to move in together. This allows them time to learn each other’s habits and lifestyles on the most intimate level. Roughly 48% percent of couple practice cohabitation before marriage according to USA Today.

As exciting as this time in your life is, it also promises to be your first challenge. Space is always an issue to some degree. Along with the physical restraints of increasing closet, cabinet, and bathroom space, this is when you discover the habits of your partner.


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5 Simple Ways to Bring Some Style to Your Bedroom

Sydneysiders have an awesome sense of style, especially when it comes to home decoration. You won’t see that many poorly decorated homes around Sydney. For the most part, Sydney homes are modern and expensive looking.

Now, it’s easy to decorate a home when you have a budget for expensive accessories or even for an interior designer. But what can you do when your budget is not that far reaching? Well, one thing is certain, you don’t give up on decorating.

Bathroom Trends You Shouldn’t Miss in 2018

Every year brings something new when it comes to bathroom trends and 2018 really has so much to offer. From luxurious classic bathrooms to interesting materials, tiles and even introduction of electronics, this year really has something for everyone. So, no matter if you’re a gadget freak that’s obsessed with modernity or a romantic at heart that leans more towards the warmth of classicism, take a look at what’s new in the world of bathroom trends in 2018.

Home Decorating Ideas on a Budget

Have you been feeling your home has become dull and plain? Do you just know that you need to make some changes, but can’t really put your finger on it? The solution to all your problems is new decorating items that will lighten up your home. Worry not if you’re decorating on a budget, because you won’t have to break the bank just to make your interior light up.

Things I Get Excited for as an Adult

As I’m moving out in less than a week now, I’ve noticed there are a lot of things I get excited about that honestly I never thought I would be excited about. This includes a lot of appliances and household shopping that I’ve suddenly gotten very excited to get. Including: grill for our little patio, crock pots, and various home accents like plants. And not just random home accents but ones that actually go together like I was designing something straight out of HGTV. So these are just some of the things I get super excited about as an adult.