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It’s Mae Polzine! I started this blog back in 2015 to be a place where I could be creative and share things that I love. So, I post a variety of things. I stream a variety of things (gaming, body paint, art, etc.) on Twitch multiple times a week, with stream highlights and all VODs posted on my YouTube Channel.

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DIY Paper Cacti

With Ariel moving out during the beginning of October, I’ve been in a home decor mood. And I have seen quite a few pinterest posts of paper cacti that people made. But didn’t see any that had instructions on how to make them. Plus I thought this would be super fun to make these for our guest bathroom.

Quick and Easy Hairstyles: The Ponytails

I figured for the next quick and easy hairstyles, I would go over the ponytails. When I’m not in the mood to wrap up all my hair into a bun, then the next hairstyle when I’m running out the door is a ponytail. Not I do include pigtails in this category, but these can be done as a single ponytail. I’m also doing this one before the next one as the techniques in this one will be used in the final segment of this mini-series.


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Quick and Easy Hairstyles – The Buns

I don’t usually do a lot of posts talking about hair or hairstyles, so I thought I would mix it up and do a little mini-series on a bunch of relatively quick hairstyles I do. I am going to break them down into sections based off of general appearance or technique of the hairstyle. For the first one, I thought I would stick to buns as that’s my daily go to hairstyle when I’m in a hurry or don’t want to fuss with my hair for a long time period.

Makeup Techniques – Contouring

Continuing on with the mini-series of makeup techniques, today I’m going to just briefly go over contouring your face. But the concept can be applied to other areas of your body if you wanted to contour elsewhere as I know that is a current makeup trend. Though I would probably never do this myself as I don’t see the point in spending time contouring my arms, back, legs, or abdomen granted you do look slightly more tone doing so. And this whole trend can basically be blamed on Kim Kardashian, granted it’s been around for a lot longer than that. The concept is to highlight areas you want to make bigger and darken areas you want to appear smaller. Think about the Lion King in a way for contouring: everywhere the light touches you highlight, and where there are shadows you contour. You can use this same technique to change your facial features to an extent by contouring in different places than you normally would.

Makeup Technique: Color Correction

This is by no means a new technique in the beauty world, but it has picked up momentum lately as many companies are coming out with concealers in more than just skin tones. There are green, purple, yellow, etc. Each with its own purpose to help you conceal anything that may be going on.

How to Get Perfect Eyebrows in Five Easy Steps

Getting the perfect brows can be done in a few easy steps using just eyebrow pencil, a spoolie brush, and some concealer. It doesn’t matter what kind of product you use for, I am using the Maybelline Define-A-Brow pencil and Maybelline Face Studio Master Concealer.