A Beginner’s Guide to Using iPhone Camera

For the next photography guide in this series, I thought we would go over taking photos on an iPhone as this is what I used for well over a year in the beginning for all photos on my blog. And occasionally I still use for blog/Instagram photos. As when I’m out and about, I don’t really want to carry my expensive DSLR camera with me. So how can you get high-quality photographs using your iPhone?

iPhone Photography: A Beginner’s Guide

As almost blogger knows, photography is essential to the running of a blog. From creating effective visuals to something more than just letters on the screen to look at. Knowing how to achieve better quality photographs is something we all strive towards. So I thought I would a post today on all the tips and tricks of using an iPhone for photography, as this is how I do all my photography for my blog as I do not have a separate camera.


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