My Jamberry Storage & Products

I have been an independent consultant for Jamberry since January. And over the past few months I have gathered a fair amount of nail wraps. Half of these I have worn at least once, and some I haven’t gotten around to wearing yet. To keep everything organized and stored away, I reused one of my old subscription boxes to put everything in. Including all the nail wraps, the mini heater, cuticle remover and oil, nail buffer, scissors to cut the nail wraps in half, and orange stick.

Life Lately | April 2016

I have not done a life lately since February, let me know if you guys would like these on a monthly basis. I like writing these as they’re one of the ways I can look back and reflect on everything that’s happened. Last time I did one of these I had a lot going on in my life. This month has had several key items but nowhere as many as February. Just as I did for the month of February I will break everything into area of my life though they are all really combined. But I think it makes more organizational sense this way.


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100 Subscriber Giveway (CLOSED)

Though I’ve had this blog over around a year, I truly wasn’t really blogging on it regularly until December came about and I decided to challenge myself with blogmas. Though I never had a goal for number of subscribers I wanted to hit, and I still don’t, I have seen that number continue to raise over the past two months until it just hit 100. I never thought I would honestly get this many people…