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Learning Trust Through Nature: Meerkats

Think of Timon from Disney’s The Lion King. He was a meerkat. Meerkats live in the harsh and dangerous conditions of Africa. And live in large underground networks with multiple entrances and as many of forty meerkats living in the colony. They have adopted a very smart survival strategy, which is based on mutual trust. One or more members stand as sentry or lookout for the group, while the rest are foraging or playing. As soon as they spot any danger, they alert the whole colony, which then has enough time to run for safety using the many bolt holes spread across their territory. That same sentry meerkat will be the first to reappear from the burrow and search for predators, and constantly barking to keep the others underground. Once the danger has past, they stop barking to single to everyone else to emerge. The amount of trust the mob places on each other is massive; one slip of alerting the mob can be the difference between life and death, but they still do it with a high rate of success.