Reflecting on October and Goals for November 2021

October and my favorite holiday are over. A lot happened in October for me. A good portion of that was stressful. From my dad being put into assisted living and his power of attorney trying to guilt-trip my sister and me to talk to him for the first time in eight years (not going to happen), to listening to our old neighbors complain about squatters that moved into his foreclosed home, to almost losing my job… it’s been a bit much. Not that there weren’t other elements that I loved from this past month. I’ve had a blast being creative, read some great books, and enjoyed playing new games that I saw pieces of before. So, I thought I would reflect on the elements I loved from the last month as well as go over my goals from last month as well as the ones I have for this month.

August 2021 Goals

July was crazy with moving, so in August I’m hoping to relax… and by that, I mean streaming more. I really enjoy it, so I’m adding additional days to my calendar for streaming. I also built some structure around it, so each day I’m streaming has a relative theme. I’ll get into what that is when I go over the goals for the month.


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I Can’t Wait to Move

Who’s in the mood to rant? This girl! And since I don’t really have much to talk about on the blog, this seemed like a great idea. I haven’t read any new books just been revisiting ones I’ve already shared in the past. And as far as makeup goes, I haven’t tried anything new lately that I want to talk about or looks that I feel compelled to write an entire post about. So, we’re swinging over to the other avenue I use this blog for occasionally which is talking about my life. Specifically, I wanted to talk about wanting to move out of my apartment.

April 2021 Goals

We’re a quarter way through 2021 already. The world is still closed, but vaccines are on the horizon. I haven’t managed to get one yet as every time I go look to see if there’s an appointment available they’re already booked for the month. So, hopefully, someday I’ll be able to get one. Granted, I’m in my apartment 24/7, so it’s not like I see anyone. Still, I want to get it the moment I can. Since we’re entering another month, I thought I would share my goals for this month and revisit the ones I made for the previous month.

Things I Need to Work On…

The last few weeks have been a rollercoaster. Mostly because some old wounds were opened up after I got the news that my father had a seizure. I don’t talk about it or him at all, mostly due to being trained as a kid never to talk about it. But I’m trying not to be so locked up about everything in my life. Basically to make a LONG story short, I haven’t heard from him in seven years after A LOT of things happened. It wasn’t like I didn’t know what happened around him, since my mom is still friends with his neighbors. So, we got informed of things that was going on. But these last two weeks have been a whole other level. I’m not going to get into details of it. But it’s made me think about things, specifically things that I need to work on. So, that’s what I wanted to focus on in this post.

February 2021 Goals

One month has already passed of 2021, and honestly it’s been long and short at the same time. Which seems very weird. So, I thought I’d go over my goals for this month and revisit the ones I made for the previous month. Since there’s still no way I’m going to make overall year goals.