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Was it Bad Makeup Science? Review & Swatches of the ColourPop x Safiya Nygaard Lux Lipstick Collection

Safiya Nygaard has a long running series on her YouTube channel where she performs bad makeup science that often results in mixing together large amounts of makeup. Often times being lipstick. And well I don’t normally go for creme lipstick (like at all in the last two years), when I learned she came out with a collection with ColourPop I wanted it.

The History of Lipstick

One of my favorite products of all time is lipstick, specifically liquid lipstick. I find it fascinating to see how far various cosmetics products have gone over the course of the years. Five years ago I would never think lipstick would come in anything other than a cream. If it was in a bottle and liquid, it was a gloss not lipstick. And now I can’t imagine not having a dry matte lipstick that lasts all day without any touch-ups. So I thought I would do a little series here on the blog about the history of cosmetics products. Today in particular will be all about lipsticks.


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What’s the Best Lipstick Colour for Your Skin Tone?

Picking out the right lipstick shade can transform your entire look from ordinary to glamourous. However, sometimes even though that deep brown may look eye-catching, it can look seriously unflattering on your skin tone. This is because every lipstick colour appears different on fair, medium, olive and dark skin tones, which means you should be well familiar with your own skin tone if you don’t want to waste money on wrong lipstick colours.

Jeffree Star Cosmetics Summer Chrome Lipstick Vault First Impressions & Swatches

So when the collection was first announced I was like “Girl give me the full vault” and then my paycheck was like “No. You broke.” So when the collection finally launched, I couldn’t order it right away but when I could I settled on just getting the You. Better. Work. Liquid Lipstick Vault which would only have the eight liquid lipsticks from the Jeffree Star Summer Chrome Collection. But when I got it in the mail and opened it up, I was royally surprised to see I got the lipstick vault. Which has the eight velour liquid lipsticks and five lip ammunitions. So thank you to whoever packaged my order with my receipt for the Liquid Lipstick vault, the info card for the liquid lipstick vault, and gave me the full lipstick vault. I know it was a mistake, but I can’t say I’m upset that I got more than what I ordered.

NYX Soft Matte Lip Cream Review & Swatches

I love lipsticks especially matte liquid lipsticks. I don’t have the entire collection of these as there are 34 shades in total but I only have 7 of them. Now, these aren’t quite a liquid lipstick but I like to consider it one within my makeup organization. But NYX has a more detailed description on what a lip cream is supposed to mean.

Tanya Burr Lipstick Review – Birthday Cake & Happily Ever After

I have enjoyed Tanya Burr Cosmetics products for a while. Her lip glosses are my all time favorite formula and I’m almost always wearing one of her nail polishes especially New York Night. So when I finally saw two of her lipsticks come back into stock I wanted to give it a try before getting the full collection of lipsticks. Especially since I have to have them shipped internationally and I wanted to make sure I really loved it. So the two shades I was able to get a hold of were Birthday Cake and Happily Ever After. And I’ve been trying this formula for a few months, so I believe I have a good idea about these lipsticks at this point.