NYX Can’t Stop Won’t Stop Foundation Review

NYX Cosmetics recently released a brand new foundation with 45 shades with a huge variety perfect for any shade. And I recently decided to part ways with the Hourglass Vanish Foundation as it wasn’t sitting on my skin nicely anymore. So I decided to pick up the Can’t Stop Won’t Stop Foundation to see if I would love that foundation instead of the one I parted ways with.

Flower Beauty Light Illusion Liquid Foundation L1 Porcelain Review

This is my final foundation that I had to test out. This is a new brand at Ulta that was started by Drew Barrymore, so I haven’t tried a lot of their products out but they are in the drugstore range. I really hope this works out as out of all of the drugstore foundations I’ve gotten recently, only one has really worked out for me. So here’s hoping this one works for me as well.


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BH Cosmetics Liquid Foundation – Naturally Flawless in 201 Ivory & 204 Natural Beige Review

I recently cleared out all of my old and expired products then realized I didn’t have any foundations other than two formulas. And one of them isn’t cheap so while I’m on a budget, I don’t want to use that up. So I would rather find several that work perfectly that aren’t overly expensive. So one of the foundations that I decided to test was the BH Cosmetics Liquid Foundation – Naturally Flawless. As it’s impossible to tell online what a shade is going to be I ended up getting 201 Ivory and 204 Natural Beige.