What’s the Deal (Controversy) With Mica? Synthetic vs. Natural

Something that I’ve seen of debate recently in the beauty community, specifically the drama community on YouTube, is the ingredient mica which is a popular ingredient in most eyeshadow palettes. There are two different types: natural and synthetic fluorophlogopite. So, I thought I would do some research into the ingredient as I was curious what the big deal was. And then share with you that information since we’re focused on cruelty free beauty here. And while by definition that means “not tested on animals at any stage of production”, there is such a thing as ethically sourced and I think that falls into this category as well.

Why I Don’t Really Purchase From Lush Anymore

This has nothing to do against Lush when it comes to the things they do from fighting animal cruelty and charities to better the environment. I used to LOVE Lush and got products from them often through my roommate who used to work there. I’ve done a lot of posts about their products in the past but I haven’t really gotten anything for the last year. I did get some for Christmas but other than that everything from them is around three years old. So I thought I would just discuss why I don’t figure them so much on my blog anymore.


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Lush World’s Smallest Disco Bath Bomb Review

It’s been a long time since I’ve done a post on Lush’s bath bombs. Mainly as I haven’t had them in over a year and second I haven’t tried anything new. But the other month I went to Lush at Mall of America, and I’m not 100% sure if it’s new for this holiday season but I saw the bath bomb called World’s Smallest Disco.

Lush Bewitched Bubble Bar

I love Halloween season and Lush products. My roommate, Rose, came home and gave me one of the Bewitched Bubble Bars as a little present. So I decided to throw on some Halloween classics and run myself bath. Of course I had to watch Halloween Town and Hocus Pocus. Which went really well with the bath full of bubbles from the Bewitched Bubble Bar from Lush as it made my bath tub fill with a lot of bubbles. And my water turned black (or rather a dark grey) color. So it was a perfect Halloween festive evening filled with some of my favorite movies and a relaxing bath that smelt of berries.

I am so going to get a few more Bewitched Bubble Bars while they are still available so I can have multiple baths using this product. As I really enjoyed it. I especially love that it is vegan.

One bubble bar has 3.5 oz of products and costs $7.95.

Lush Pink Bath Bomb Review

This is a new bath bomb Lush came out with. And by new I mean it’s a redesign of a bath bomb they’ve had for quite some time. It’s still called pink but has grown in size from 3.1 oz to 7.0 oz. The smaller size which had three flowers on top and going to be discontinued. So if you are in love with that bath bomb, fear not it’s now bigger but everything else seems the same.

Lush Easter 2017 Collection Haul

My roommate and I love Lush, so of course, we had to get the Easter products. And some of these we are giving to others as an Easter present. So I figured before we did this, I would show you everything Lush has to offer in their 2017 Easter collection.