Makeup Bingo with the Morphe x Jaclyn Hill Vault Collection

I can’t remember where I first saw this challenge. Basically it’s you use a number generator to determine what shadows in a palette you have to use to create a look. Since I just got the Morphe x Jaclyn Hill Vault Collection, I thought it would be a fun to attempt this challenge using all four of the palettes. I did one generator focused on the palettes (1-4) each referring to the palettes in the order I reviewed them. Then another one that’s 1-10 referring to the shadows in that palette. I ran both of these generators six times since on average that’s generally the number of shadows I use in an eyeshadow look.

My Dogs Pick My Makeup Challenge

There has been a challenge going around on YouTube where your dog(s) pick your makeup, and you have to use what they choose to do your makeup for the day. And my dogs, and more my sister’s dog always is getting into the cupboard where I store my makeup to eat it. So I thought it would be fun to offer the makeup to them to see what they wanted me to wear.


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Picking Random Makeup Colors AND Making Them Work Challenge #5

This has to be one of my favorite makeup challenges. And I just received some new eyeshadow brushes in the mail from Luxie Beauty so I thought I would give this challenge another attempt to sort of test out the brushes. I’m not sure my final thoughts on the brushes at this time but I will do a review of them in the future. For this attempt of the “Picking Random Makeup Colors and Making Them Work Challenge” created by Mariah Leonard I decided instead of changing up how I arranged my single eyeshadows in my palette I would just pick three from each side and then make them work. Since one side is more of the neutral colors and the other is the bold colors. That way it’s a little more workable. Next time, I’ll probably do something different.

Hogwart’s House Makeup Inspired Looks

To start off the 100 Days of Makeup Challenge on Instagram, I wanted to start with Harry Potter inspired looks based off each of the houses. Some of the looks are rather subdued for every day looks well others are over the top and dramatic. I love the Harry Potter series/world, and my roommate recently got me a set of bracelets that were Harry Potter inspired that gave me the idea to start with these looks.

Picking Random Makeup Colors AND Making Them Work Challenge #4

This has to be one of my favorite challenges… considering I’ve done it three times before already. It’s just so simple and forces you outside of your makeup comfort zone. I generally wear the same makeup every day with a few slight variations. So this challenge really makes me experiment. I chose five eyeshadows at random then added one more for a transition, and chose a random liquid lipstick from my collection. The color combination that I got really had me stumped on what to even create. And as I created the look I was very unsure of it until I reached the end, then somehow it just seemed interesting in a way I was expecting that made me like it. Now would I wear this as an everyday look? No. But maybe if I was going out I would attempt to recreate this or something similar.

Random Color Makeup Challenge

Now, this isn’t the first time I’ve attempted this challenge created by Mariah Leonard, and I love doing this challenge every now and then as it forces me outside of my makeup comfort zone. Typically I just wear neutral or bronze shades, so forcing me to step outside my little bubble and just make different colors go together is a fun little challenge. Now the colors don’t always work together. For instance, I would change the lipstick if I were to do this look again. But overall, I love how it turned out.