Ranking and Comparing my Foundations

I like to try out different foundations then get into moods where I wear one for several weeks before switching to another one. So it takes me quite a while to get through a single bottle of foundation. To a point where I start to forget how they stack up next to each other, so I thought I would do a massive comparison of all the ones that I keep in my collection. I’m going to do a similar ranking as I did in my Juvia’s Place palette comparisons where I’m going use a few different categories to determine which foundation is truly the best. The categories will be the following: wear time, finish, price, shade range, coverage, amount and applicator.

Comparison and Swatches of all ColourPop Supernova Shadows

Something I love to do when I’m doing my eyeshadow on a glam day, even if I don’t take photos in general or for Instagram, is to add one of the ColourPop Supernova Shadows for a bit of a highlight or glitter moment. Almost all of the ones in my collection are no longer available on ColourPop’s website anymore. I’m not sure if their just stopping production on their liquid shadows in general or just keeping the ones that sell the most. But I love using these. Though I never wear them alone. Typically I’ll put a metallic shadow over top so it really pops and stays all day long. As long as you don’t touch it or rub your eyes they last all day long looking the same as you first applied them. Each one typically costs $7.50 for 4.7g (0.17oz) of product.


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Can We Dupe it? Jeffree Star Cosmetics Thirsty Palette

This is probably going to be my most “off” Can We Dupe It posts, but I still find this a lot of fun to do as I compare my palettes to my individual shadows as a means to declutter. So today I’m comparing some of my shadows with the Jeffree Star Cosmetics Thirsty Palette. I still have five full large eyeshadow palettes of individual shadows but a smaller palette has been completely emptied out so using this series I’ve managed to declutter 12 shades that I had duplicates of elsewhere in my eyeshadow collection.

Can We Dupe It? Dominique Cosmetics Latte Palette

Next up in my “Can We Dupe It?” Series I’m going to do one of my favorite everyday palettes, which is the Dominique Cosmetics Latte Palette. It has quite an interesting color story especially with the metallic shades so I was a little excited about that since if a shade matches exactly, I’m decluttering the individual shadow I’m comparing the palette to.

Makeup Comparison: Milani Stay Put Pomade v. ColourPop Boss Brow Pencil

I used to use brow pencils all of the time for my eyebrows before switching to brow pomades. But I wanted to bring them back into my routine, since I don’t always start from scratch when I do my brows. Yes that’s not the best thing in the world as I leave whatever brow products I had on the day previously, but it saves me time. And on those days I just want to do some light touch up, so brow pencils seemed like a wonderful solution. So I needed up purchasing two different drugstore ones: Milani Stay Put Brow Pencil and ColourPop Boss Brow Pencil.

Makeup Comparison: NYX vs. Tarte Brow Pomade

On YouTube I’ve seen a lot of videos where people do comparisons by doing one product or look on one side and the exact opposite on the other. So I wanted to started a new series that I’m going to do every few weeks where I do a makeup comparison. For the first one, I decided to take similar products from two of my favorite brands and put them to the test against each other. Plus I want to switch up my brow routine every now and then, because as much as I love the Wunderbrow I think variety is generally a good thing. So I picked up NYX Tame & Frame Tinted Brow Pomande in Expresso and Tarte Amazonian Clay Waterproof Brow Mousse in Rich Brown. Which are very close in color and formula.