My Favorite Video Games of the Past Decade (2010s)

Since the decade is coming to a close and I’ve played a lot of video games in the last ten years, I thought I’d go down my list of favorite games that came out in the last decade or that I heavily played during that time period. These are not in order, as I enjoy these all for different reasons.

Making My Own Dream Palette Inspired by Mass Effect

Next up in this dream palette series, I’m going to a series I have a love/hate relationship with. Love Mass Effect 2 and would rank it as one of my all-time favorite games, and Mass Effect 3 which I refuse to play or touch with a ten foot pole. Maybe one day I’ll go past the opening sequence, but today is not that day. If you have never played Mass Effect, it is an action RGP third-person shooter video game developed by BioWare. The first three games in the series follow Commander Shepard, whose mission in all of the games is to save the galaxy from powerful mechanical beings known as the Reapers. The Reapers have been away for 50,000 years and are determined to wipe out all sentient organic life in the galaxy as part of a recurrent cycle of genocide that Shepard is tasked to break in one of three ways. The fact that you have to pick one of three and not just get one of them as a result is another reason I won’t play Mass Effect 3.


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Mass Effect 3: Let Down Ending & Why I Won’t Play it

Mass Effect 2 was my absolute favorite game in this series, but immediately after I finished that game I started Mass Effect 3 and I couldn’t stand how it started. So once I had a chance where I could just save the game, I did then never returned to playing it. And I spoiled the ending to myself and what the actual hell? I know everyone has mentioned it was horrible, but seriously that made me want to finish playing it even less. It was as if they didn’t know how to end the game and just destroyed the character arc of Commander Shepard. Every choice you made, boiled down to choosing one of three endings but no matter what you did during the course of the three games you could undo everything you’ve done and pick one of the three: control, destroy, or synthesis.

Mass Effect: Most to Least Favorite Companions

I haven’t really talked about this video game on my blog that often. I freaking love Mass Effect and Mass Effect 2. I also can’t bring myself to play Mass Effect 3 past the first cut scene and the fact that I know the ending is a major let down that goes against everything you’ve done in the games. I do want to get Andromeda just to see what it’s like since it’s basically “the next generation”. So with that in mind, I wanted to go over my most to least favorite companions in Mass Effect and Mass Effect 2 since a good portion are available in both games.

Mass Effect: Renegade vs Paragon

In the game Mass Effect, you are presented with morality choices. You can either go with Paragon or Renegade options during dialogue and choices. I didn’t really notice the effects of these choices during the first game. But in the second game you can see the effects of your choices very clearly, as Shepard’s face/appearance is directly influenced by your choices. As well as just the generic state of the universe. I generally play as a renegade in all the games, though I don’t know what morality does as much in the third game as let’s be honest I have never played more than the opening scene. I couldn’t handle the plot and direction they took it, especially knowing the ending of the game and watching Shepard struggling with the loss of so many people over the years. 

Your Decisions in Video Games Don’t Effect the Plot

One thing about video games that I find a tad bit annoying is when your choices in the game don’t really have an effect on the outcome of the game. Now it may change a few minor details, but ultimately the game ends the same way. But that doesn’t mean I like them any less, in fact, some of these are my favorite games. In Dragon Age, you can do the Dark Ritual in Origins or skip it but either way you end up killing the Archdemon. And yes, one allows the warden to live but the dragon is still dead. In Mass Effect, you can save the council or let them die, but either way you stop the reapers from destroying the Citadel. In Until Dawn, you can choose what to do in key situations and the only thing that happens is relationship change/someone may die but the game still ends the same way, the wendigoes are destroyed.