Christmas in Minnesota: 5 Places to Find Holiday Cheer

The Christmas cheer is just kicking off and a lot of places around Minnesota have month long celebrations. From magical shop fronts to decorative light displays, there’s always something to go see. I’ve round up some of those places so if you’re in town or decide to visit you can find something to see or do.

Exploring the Falls: Minnehaha & St. Anthony

My roommate and I decided we would explore several of the waterfalls around Minneapolis. Those being Minnehaha and St. Anthony.


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Glensheen Historical Estate

When I started researching different things to see around Minnesota that I’ve never been to before, this place was the first thing that stood out as it’s a giant mansion built in the 1900s which was around the same time period as Downton Abbey. Plus add on that it looks like some of the buildings have a Tudor style, which is my favorite style of architecture and I booked myself right away to experience the full estate tour.

Let’s Talk About… Exploring Minnesota Vacation

Sometimes you just really need a vacation and I definitely was at that point, so I have taken the next week off from my full-time job. And part of the vacation is to catch up on things that have been pushed aside like getting my hair cut, which has been over do for a year. And the other part is to just go explore Minnesota. I’ve lived here all of my life, but I have hardly seen any of this state other than the Twin Cities and Duluth. So I’m planning on getting out of my little backyard of the Twin Cities and going to many of the cities around the state. And I am planning on also going up to Duluth area for a day or two.

Minnesota Blogger Conference: Blogging Tips and Content Refocus

Yesterday, October 15th, Harley and I attended Minnesota Blogger Conference which was held at Concordia in Saint Paul. It was an all day event filled of seminars and networking. We attended the following sessions: Becoming a Fierce and Fearless Blogger, Using Writer’s Block to Your Creative Advantage, Standing Out in Live Video, How Successful Bloggers Monetize Their Site, Working with Small Businesses, What Bloggers Need to Know About SEO, and How TopRank Marketing Takes Conference Attendance. Now I’m not going to go into super in depth discussion on each topic but briefly highlight some things I think would be beneficial. As well as how I gained inspiration to shift the focus of the blog. Now before you panic, it’s not really going to be much of a change more just taking off a tag line I hardly use and don’t actually find exciting to write about.

And Straight On Till Morning – Paint Nite

Last night, I got three free tickets to Paint Nite from my boss as she was unable to go herself. So I invited my sister, Lucy, and my best friend from high school that I used to have painting class with, Mimmy. The painting that we got to create our own version of was called “And Straight On Till Morning.” Which is a boat on water at what I’m guessing is sunset. And taught by the amazing Kelly Costello.