Easy Ways to Add a Modern Touch to Your Home

Next in our series of “Easy Ways to Add a (BLANK) Touch to Your Home” I thought we would dive into the modern style since last week we focused on contemporary style last week. The modern style is all about clean, crisp lines with a simple color palette. Making use of metal, glass, and steel materials. Modern design employs a sense of simplicity in every element, including furniture. A word that’s commonly used to describe modern style is sleek, and there is not a lot of clutter or accessories involved with a modern style. Which gives it an almost minimalist appeal.

Tips for Designing a Modern Living Room

Having a high-end living space has never been easier. Thanks to so many inspirations online and with the help of your own imagination and creativity, you can arrange your home to look stylish yet cosy. The living room is the place where the entire family gathers and socializes among themselves and friends, so it’s essential that you create a warm and inviting ambiance for everyone to enjoy. From the trendy colours through fashionable furniture and good lighting, your living room could look fabulous if you only choose all the features wisely and with attention to details.


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Style Inspiration: Taylor Swift

Whenever I think of vintage fashion in today’s world, the first celebrity that pops into my head is Taylor Swift. From the high-waisted skirts to the killer red lips with minimalist eye makeup. It comes off as very classy while still having the modern twist. Which is why for this Style Inspiration post for Fashion Friday, I’m going to be showing my favorite vintage looks Taylor Swift has worn in the past.