You’re Doomed! Jason Voorhees from Friday the 13th Makeup Look

I was not planning on doing another slasher horror movie look until next week, but last night there was a power outage and I didn’t really have anything else to do. So, I decided to create Jason Voorhees from the cult classic Friday the 13th. I was inspired to do this specific version from @peachcait over on Instagram. Being completely honest, I have never watched this movie or most of the iconic horror classics. Maybe this Halloween season I’ll actually watch them for the first time rather than just the “Everything Wrong With…” videos on YouTube.

Black Moon Cosmetics Moonlighters Bioluminescent Pressed Powder Review

One brand that I follow on Instagram but have never tried before is the indie brand called Black Moon Cosmetics, and after deciding not to move and trying to cheer myself up I decided we needed to fix that. So I ended up getting three of the Moonlighters in the shades Centipede, Glow Worm, and Squid. I do want to get the rest of the collection but that will have to wait just a little bit before I can get the others. Each moonlighter costs $22 and contains 4.5 g or 0.16 oz of product. All Black Moon Cosmetics products are vegan and cruelty free.


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